Non-invasive Prostate Cancer Treatment: - Find Out if You Qualify for HIFU

HIFU, or high intensity focused ultrasound, is one of the leading alternatives to traditional prostate cancer treatments. HIFU for prostate cancer is currently being used in other countries and is being evaluated in the United States by the FDA.

The FDA is studying HIFU and you may qualify for free therapy. Simply fill out the form to the right and Dr. Michael Wolff will call you to help evaluate your specific needs..

Dr. Michael Wolff is a leading urologist in North Carolina that treats patients with prostate cancer with HIFU. To learn more about HIFU and to find out if you qualifty, simply fill out the form on the right for a free brochure detailing how HIFU works.

SonaCare Medical Receives FDA Clearance for its Sonablate® High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Prostate Ablation Device

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